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Listen to MYH
18th July 2008

Part 1

Part 2

Listen to MYH
13th June 2008

Part 1

Part 2

Make Yourself Heard.

Drawn-Out Art.
Make Yourself Heard Poetry
Speech Therapy Poetry Mag

Got a voice, Use It!

Bringing Poetry to the masses from the northern ireland scene, this monthly Podcast has been setup to allow for folk to listen in to what they might otherwise be missing out on.

Originally this was all the work of a Mr Colin Dardis, and he still is there to contribute his material to the gig. This is now run by Stephen Hollywood. The Make Yourself Heard nights allow for people to enjoy a night of poetry whilst not pushing them away from doing some themselves. The nights are due to be recorded and hosted here from this very site.

Information regarding the Make Yourself Heard nights.

The nights are now recorded as a podcast and made availible for people to listen to. From the left hand side there will be a link and once clicked on, will bring you to a page with the people who took part in the night, if you enjoy the poets on offer, and want to pass on comments about how in general the recording was, then you can do so by going and registering in this forum where you can also find some of the others who preformed will hang out... http://www.nirelandpoetry.proboards57.com

For those who have never preformed and are nervous, I can also remove the stuff if requested, but this is something that I wish never to take away from what is a surprisingly central core of the night. New people bring new material and with that a fresh and interesting night that is always welcome!

For the more established poets, this is a night to get yourselves on a pedistal and bring your work to the fold, with the gig's being recorded, the materials can and will at a later date as you wish be seperated for you to carry on a CD (for a very small fee) which can be used for your own personal reasons.
PLEASE NOTE: I can and Will NOT record other peoples poems without their prior written consent.
If there is material that you do NOT wish to be podcasted along with the night, then you can approach me on the night, and I will make note of it. It is optional that you may wish me to keep the material incase you wish the stuff to be made availible. Either way, please make it known as otherwise, removal of the material will also result in removal of the original recorded material.

Upcoming Gigs.

June 13th - Doors open 7:30pm, starts at around 8:15pm.

July - To be confirmed.

August 8th - Doors open 7:30pm, starts at around 8:15pm.

All gigs are preformed at Safehouse Arts Space, 25 Lower Donnegal Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland, unless otherwise noted.